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High End Specifications

  • Anti-Seismic Reinforced Concrete Structure.
Stone Cladding
  • Stone Type and Quality: Premium moca cream or equivalent.
  • Stone Cladding Thickness: Minimum 30mm.
  • Stone Cladding Fixation: Mechanical using grade 316 S.S Anchors.
  • Cornice, Jambs, Cills, Arches and Architraves (If exist) are solid stone.
External Wood Doors & Windows
  • Hardwood: Premium Cedrella Odorata crafted to highest standards – Origin Brazil or similar.
  • Paint: Tinol, Sikkens – Holland or equivalent.
  • Ironmongery: Hinges Handles S.S. grade 316 + Cremone – Haffele GMBH.
  • Technal GXI and FXI with provision for color modification (or equivalent).
  • High performance Double Glazing combination 6x10x6 (optional 6x10x8): Thermal and UV protection (Securite for wide sections only).
Internal Doors & Shaft Access Panels
  • Wood Doors: Bobinga (or similar) Hardwood and Veneer.
  • Metallic Doors: 2hr F.R. UL Listed metallic doors & access panels – Fitzpatrick.
Internal Finishes
  • Main Entrance Lobby
    • The Main Lobbies and Entrances decoration should be executed on a very high scale of interior finishes using high end materials with high European specifications. Wood Wall Cladding, Marble Wall Cladding, Marble Flooring, Front Desk and Entrance Door, automation systems, Security options, Ceilings, Walls decorative materials etc. Material’s specs to be European origin or equivalent.
  • Parkings
    • Flooring: 3 Coats of Tinol epoxy thickness >500 Microns, intermediate coat applied over a layer of quartz and silicate aggregates (Traffic Areas).
    • Wall Paint: 2 coats Tinol epoxy.
    • Ceiling Finish: Tinol anticarbonation paint.
  • Apartments
    • Walls and Ceilings: Cement plaster, putty and acrylic white paint.
    • Floor Finish: 8cm cement screed leveled to < 2mm tolerance to
      receive granite, marble tiles, ceramic, parquet, vinyl or carpet.
  • System: Water heat pump.
  • Brand: DAIKIN, HITACHI, Samsung or LG.
Ventilation - Parking Exhaust Fans
  • Parking Exhaust Fans: PENN (USA), NICOTRA (ITALY), DYNAIR (ITALY), SYSTEMAIR (SWEDEN), (power supply by fire-rated cables).
  • Mitsubishi (Japan), Schindler (Switzerland), OTIS (2 Hours fire rated doors).
  • Controlled access to visitor and building car parks and 24hrs 7/7 security.
  • Fire-Fighting: Siamese connection to landing valves in all floors including roof – Grade 40 black seamless pipes grid.
  • Sanitary Fixtures: Duravit, Hansgrohe.
  • Drainage, Condensate & Vent Pipes: Brand REDI (Italy) Acc, REDI (Lebanon) for pipes, WAVIN (Germany) & Wavin (Lebanon) for pipes.
  • UPVC Perforated Pipes: KOKOFIL (FRANCE), RYB (France).
  • Rain Water: Brand REDI (Italy) Acc, REDI (Lebanon) for pipes, WAVIN (Germany) & Wavin (Lebanon) for pipes.
  • Fire Fuel, Heating & Chilled Pipes: DALMINE, INTERPIPE (UKRAINE), CHELLPIPE (RUSSIA)
  • Fire Alarm Cables: PIRELLI (Italy).
  • Domestic Water: Galvanized Steel Pipes for water supply in shafts and on roof. (DALMINE or equivalent. PPR pipes for inside apartments, BANNINGER (Germany), Aquaplast, Poloplast, Wefa or API.
  • Insulation: KIMMCO (Kuwait), LZOCAM or equivalent.
  • Valves: NIBCO (USA), CRANE (UK), KITZ (JAPAN).
  • Domestic Hot Water Storage: (DALMINE or equivalent. PPR pipes for inside apartments, BANNINGER (Germany), Aquaplast, Poloplast, Wefo or API.
Mechanical Pumps
  • Waste Water Sump Pumps and Fire Booster Set: Factory assembled GRUNFOS (Denmark), KSB(Germany) complete with jockey pump control panel and all necessary accessories, WILO (Germany).
  • Drainage Water Sump Pumps: Factory assembled GRUNFOS (Denmark), KSB(Germany) complete control panel and all necessary accessories, WILO (Germany).
  • Domestic Water Lift Pumps: Factory assembled GRUNFOS (Denmark), KSB(Germany) complete control panel and all necessary accessories, WILO (Germany).
Electrical - Lighting
  • Façade Lighting: Light Box Int, Lumiere Groupe.
  • Lighting Fixtures: Light Brox int, Lumiere Group, Light & Power.
  • Distribution Boards: SCHNEIDER, ABB, EATON, GE.
  • Wires and Cables: LIBAN CABLE.
  • Cable Trays: VERGO KAN (Belgium), OBP, OBO Bettermann, or equivalent
  • Earthing System: KINGSMILL (UK), WALLIS (UK).
  • Lightening Protection System: France Paratonnere, INGISCO (Spain), WALLIS (UK), KINGSMILL (UK) or equivalent.
  • Wiring Devices: LEGRAND (France), BITICINO (Italy).
  • Telecommunication System: KRONE (UK), 3M USA, Leviton USA.
  • Telephone Cabinet: ALCATEL (France), ESTAP (Turkey) or equivalent.
  • UPS: Schneider Electric, Socomec, EATON (Finland).
Electrical - Low Current
  • CCTV: Cameras, DVR, LCD–SAMSUNG, SONY, GRUNDING (Germany), Avigilon.
  • Fire System: FACP, Smoke Detectors, EDWARDS, GE, UTC (USA), GENT, ESSER.
  • Access Control: Card Readers, Control Panel & Software supplied by: SPREMA (Korea), TDSI (UK), or equivalent.
  • Video Interphone: Between parking entrance doors and Front Desk. Biticino (ITALY), Samsung (Korea) or equivalent.
  • Internet: Broadband fiber optic cable connection. B3 Cables (Italy), SELSOR (UK).
  • Parking Barrier System: POLARIS, CARDIN (ITALY) or equivalent.
Electrical - Auxilliary Power Supply
  • Power Generator For Parking and Common Area and Apartments: New Generation DEUTZ GMBH (with electronic governor for fuel efficiency – consumption proportional to effective load), Perkins (UK), Marapco or equivalent.
  • Soundproof Room: 60DBA @ 1m.
Electrical - High Current
  • SCHNEIDER, ABB, EATON or equivalent.

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