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On Writing and Christmas

To our dearest readers,

It certainly feels bizarre to act joyful in this day and age. I don’t have to tell you twice that this past year certainly has been challenging for us all. We are deep into our country’s worst economic crisis in years. Our currency is losing its value more and more by the day. COVID-19 has plagued our economy. And lest we forget the atrocities caused by the August 4 blast. Uncertainty looms over the holidays. It constrains our souls and deprives us from the simple pleasures in life.

Christmas is a time to express love and gratitude. Therefore, in spite of it all, the Hayek Group family has two words to all of you: THANK YOU! Thank you to those who have read our newsletters every month for the past 23 years, those who gave their thoughtful feedbacks, and those who keep the heart of the company beating.



I have recently found myself going back in time, reminiscing about my childhood. Some of my fondest memories are besides my late uncle Francis, born and died in Hayata, Keserwan. He was illiterate. I remember sitting next to him in his green fields and listening to his marvelous stories. I had the honor of basking in the wisdom of his words. His biggest regret in life was that he was never able to share them with the world. He wanted to write poetry, quotes, and stories of all kinds. But he couldn’t. Throughout my life, I have met high-ranking professionals, academics, and intellectuals of all sorts. None of them have had the same impact on my life as my uncle did. He was one of the most memorable people I have ever had the pleasure to live with.


Writing humbles us. It reminds us of the privileges we have, and to be grateful for all the gifts we were given. The newsletters you receive in your inbox are the work of a dedicated team of engineers, writers, and researchers. They are a way for us to express our ideals and vision, and to stay connected to our community. As a company, and as a family, we value each and every you, clients, partners, and friends.


We are excited to confirm that Hayek Group is still in Beirut, and it is here to stay.


This year, despite facing such harsh constraints, we were able to take the company to new and exciting horizons. We partnered with Springsfield S.A.L and Mena City Lawyers to develop KLEOS, a high-end residential project in the heart of Ashrafieh. We launched Premium Recruiting, a USA-based company, providing job opportunities for the best talents in Lebanon. We established Job Rooter, our new freelancing platform. We introduced a new and innovative solution to the global market, Fractional Real Estate platform.

We recently started Premium Wealth, a new wealth management venture fund, to be launched later in 2021. We also started working on different start-ups in the field of industrial product manufacturing for the MENA region.

Thanks to all of you and by the will of God, we are able to look forward into the new year with a confident expansion plan. We have a lot in store for 2021. Investors and property owners can expect many new projects and services to come. For more information, you know where to find us. Every month, in your inbox.

We know it’s easy to lose hope in these troubling times. As we say goodbye to 2020, and we leave those bad memories behind us, let us work to build a better country, together.

From all of us at Hayek Group, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.



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