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Brighter days for the labor market in Lebanon

This past year has been a shock to the labor market. According to the International Labor Organization 400 million full-time jobs were lost during the second quarter of 2020. In these troubling times, the recruiting industry has the responsibility to maintain a socio-economical balance. It must find innovative and technology-driven solutions in order to provide recruiting strategies at minimal costs. Current trends in inflation will not only cause a global decrease in employment, but also budget constraints regarding any new overhead. Hiring top talents will be the only option for managers to sustain service quality in the most optimal way possible.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. Remote working can be a challenge, but also a great opportunity. Employers will no longer have to provide funding for transportation, office facilities and inquiries, insurance, and other additional costs. Employees can also benefit from the6se changes, as they avoid traffic jams, save up money on food, and work from the comfort of their own home.
In this context, Hayek Group is proud to announce the soft launch of its’ sister company, Premium Recruiting.
Premium Recruiting is a family business and an online recruiting agency linking top-talents from all over the world to companies looking to recruit in a variety of different fields. Candidates can benefit from a large selection of opportunities and offer clients the privilege to recruit the top 2% talents available at convenient overhead. Even if Premium Recruiting is a global agency, our family is dedicated to help the Lebanese market in these critical times by providing a professional service next to none.
Now, more than ever, there are tens of thousands of talented individuals looking for a job. Our services discover the best of these talents and pushes them out of their comfort zones to discover global industries and new challenges. Premium Recruiting prides itself in the diversity of fields it specializes in. Companies will be able to recruit in a wide range of different specialties, including finance, engineering, IT, literature, marketing and advertising, and many others.
In order to attract the best of the best, candidates will follow a selective 7-step recruiting process in order to test their cognitive capabilities, technical abilities, and interpersonal skills. Every candidate must pass a Cognitive Aptitude Test, a multiple-choice test designed to assess their reactiveness, logic, and critical thinking. If they pass, they will face a series of different assessments, tailor-made for the position they applied for.
By tapping into the global labor market, our clients will be able to benefit from the most financially efficient recruitment solutions. Developing economies, currently facing economic downturns and currency devaluation, are full of bright educated talents ready to be hired. This is a great opportunity for corporations and companies to hire these talents remotely, at a convenient wage and cost.
The Premium Recruiting process is almost entirely automated, which helps HR managers to gain efficiency. They do not need to waste additional time and money on college campus visits, job fairs, and countless interviews. The applicant pool will be automatically filtered down to the best candidates, ready for a final interview in record time.

New communication and social media tools bring recruiters and candidates from all over the world together. This process can be done in record time, and at optimal cost. Premium Recruiting aims to make the best use of these platforms by advertising job offers on social media networks, where candidates will be redirected to our official website.

Premium Recruiting guarantees a fair and efficient process for both the employer and the employee. The employer will be advised to follow a contractual provisional period in order to guarantee that the applicant is the right fit and provides the best quality work possible, while making sure that the applicant is paid a fair wage and that their work is not undervalued.

Premium Recruiting is responsible for the credibility of its services and the follow-up of the recruitment process. Our clients can rest assured that we will guarantee the Applicant’s compliance with our terms and conditions. Clients will also be able to solicit Premium Recruiting to find replacements at no cost, in case the applicant didn’t comply with the set requirements.

All applications and candidate data are confidential, and safe from disruptive third parties. This includes contact and personal information, test grades, and any other related material disclosed on the Premium Recruiting website. Applicant data will only be communicated to the company soliciting our services, and will not be available to anyone else.
Premium Recruiting aims, in the near future, to provide up to 250 new jobs for the Lebanese market through Premium Holding and its’ sister companies (including Hayek Group), and to expand its scope of services and provide a completely comprehensive business solution for our teams. It will also inject fresh money and stimulate the local economy in Lebanon.
In these times of global economic anxiety, we have the responsibility to build a better tomorrow. Together, the private sector can make a difference. Premium Recruiting aims to enact this difference. Its goal is to build bridges between companies and talents from all corners of the world. We hope that Premium Recruiting provides hope and prosperity for the new generation.
You can learn more about Premium Recruiting on its website Make sure to follow us on our social media platforms to receive the latest news and job offerings.

Abdallah Hayek P.E
Hayek Group
October 10, 2020


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